Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dress Code Violation

As the temperature gets higher, the shorts get shorter, and administration gets more strict on the dress code.  Dress code violators sit and wait for someone to drive up to school and bring them a change of clothes. So where is the line crossed when it comes to dress code? Here's what the Student Code Of Conduct says:

"1. Pants should not hang below the waist.
2. Clothing designed to be worn as undergarments or clothing that reveals undergarments (including boxer shorts or tights) are not acceptable school attire.
3. Form fitting Lyrca or spandex styled appearel may only be worn with a top covering the backside area.
4. Shorts, skirts, and skirts should be no shorter than 3" above the knee. (Even if student wears tights or stockings.)

  • Lower garments will stay, unassisted, with or without a belt, at the top of the hipbone or above. Lower garments must be no shorter than mid-thigh and will not expose undergarments. Form fitting Lycra, spandex, tights, and leggings may only be worn under another garment with a top covering the buttock area.
5. Shirts or tops should have a high enough neckline to cover all cleavage. Camisole tops designed to be worn as undergarments may not be visible. Shirts and tops will cover the entire shoulder. Shirts or tops that reveal portions of the waistline, torso, or chest area are not appropriate. 
  • Clothing must be worn in a manner that does not expose the shoulder, torso, midriff, chest, cleavage, back, buttock, or undergarments."
Yet the confusion comes in because during the first week of school, students were called down and had a talk with administration about dress code. The conversation went along the lines of, "You're in highschool now. We aren't going to have a strict dress code, you should just dress yourself  how you want to be perceived in the future."

Does that mean that students are allowed to wear whatever they want? At least that's what I thought when I threw on my mid-thigh length shorts and a t-shirt, preparing myself for the 81 degree weather.  But clearly it's not what administration believes. How did I know? Maybe it was the fact that I got pulled into the office first thing in the morning being told my shorts were too short; and then called down to the discipline office 2nd bell being told my shorts were too loose and that's why I got a dress cut.  

The line of what we can and can't wear is blurry. I get called down for loose mid-length shorts and  other girls don't even get in trouble for wearing shorts that show their buttcheeks. What about boys? Never have I seen a boy get in trouble for what they're wearing. Even if they're sagging so low, their whole backside is hanging out. 

We need guidelines. If we're not allowed to wear loose shorts, tell us. If our shorts need to be down to our fingertips, tell us. If we're not allowed to wear tank tops, tell us. If we're not allowed to sag, tell us. If you want us to dress like nuns, tell us. If you don't care what we wear, tell us. Because it isn't helping any student at MHS by expecting us to follow an invisible dress code that no one really knows. We need clarity. 

It's a great day to get dress cut here in Comet Country. 

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