Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A world's musical culture, in one building

Walking through the various halls, the sweet sound of music fills your headphones, a soft melody playing in your ears. Every couple minutes or so, the song will change, and so will the country and culture it came from. Giving you the opportunity to learn so much without particularly having to see anything. The Musical Instrument Museum, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is an experience on its own, carefully crafted for all the other music enthusiasts out there like myself.

The state-of-the-art technology allows your to hear, see, and observe the music from over 200 countries. You're given a headset as you enter, kind of old school looking, maybe even a little bit dorky, and I first I wanted to refuse to wear it. Little did I know, that headset is the museum within itself. As you pass the displays, your headset automatically connects to a wireless hotspot located at the exhibit, playing the sound of music from that particular country. It allows you to experience about 200 countries, totally hands free.

You might be set on keeping the One Direction album or new Justin Bieber song on repeat. But music that isn't so mainstream and from a place other than where we live, might have hidden stories about their culture behind it. So put in those headphones and who knows? Maybe you'll learn a thing or two.